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Solve Your Administrative and Secretarial Overload Crisis 

Where Old Fashion Service Meets High Tech Demand!!


ďOn-Call SecretaryĒ


Transcription - Bookkeeping QuickBooks

        Staff available to accommodate administrative and transcription rush orders and overload

         No job too big or too small



Need a Virtual Assistant?


         With our high-tech communications lines, you can have the luxury of a virtual assistant no matter where you are.  Grow and expand as quickly as you want with our expert help.



The Alternative To A Temp

         Unlike temp services, we do not require a  minimum amount of administrative or secretarial work

         Save space and money: we work in our own office on our own equipment

         Use our help short term or for ongoing support



Increase Your Productivity


         Our administrative and secretarial services fill the gap between doing all the work yourself or hiring an employee

         Farming out your transcription, word processing or desktop publishing frees you to increase your productivity with reduced stress






Improve Your Business Image

  • Every piece of paper leaving your desk carries a message
    about you

  • Professionally designed promotional materials give you the
    competitive edge

  • We transform your ideas into effective marketing pieces
    that sell

  •  Our appealing layouts and legible typefaces make your
    sales messages easy to read


Did you know you could live in Japan and I can

still do your work?


That's right!  With today's digital transcription equipment

you can dictate from anywhere and

email it to me and I can transcribe it for you

and send it back. 

  • Do conference calls and recordings?  

I can record your call for you and transcribe it!



Want to spruce up the content on your website?

Call for a free consultation

Is it Time to Write Your New Book?

I can help make it a bestseller


        You donít pay a salary for administrative and secretarial services

        You only call when you need us

        You only pay for work produced

        You donít pay fringe benefits: no sick leave, no vacation pay, no insurance

        You donít need to invest in computers, software or office space

        I now offer Notary services.  As a Loan Document Signing Specialist,
I ensure your documents are signed and returned to you accurately in a timely manner. 


      We Guarantee


        Expert skills and services

        Quality at affordable rates

        Personalized service

        Fast turnaround


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